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A Cowboy of My Own

Cowboy Dreain' 8

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Jonathan Young is the cowboy nerd of the Young brood. He’s the website and marketing go to person for Thunder Ridge and he’s not nearly as ruggedly handsome as his eight brothers, or so he thinks. Nerds aren’t like that. They sit behind computers, work on graphics, content, and how to make their clients rich by pushing the envelope to get the name out there. He’s done that for years. Now it’s time to see what else is in his future.

Enter Mandy Jenkins, wild child of Bandera Texas and honorary family member of the Young’s. She’s gorgeous, funny, smart, and sweet, and she apparently wants him. Can he come out of his shell and be the man she needs?

Mandy Jenkins has wanted Jonathan Young for over three years. He’s been the cowboy of her dreams, since the day she met him. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem interested at all and she’s about given up on the vision of happily ever after with him. A secret in her past could put him beyond her grasp, even if it wasn’t her fault.

Will they be able to find true love or will past mistakes be the end of what could prove to be the best thing they ever had?


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This is the home of Sandy Sullivan, Erotic and Mainstream Romance Author for Siren/Bookstrand and The Wild Rose Press.

Take your time and look around. You can click on the books link above to be taken to all of my books, both available and coming soon. Check out each page, join my fan club, see the reviews posted on my books and see where you can find me next.

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About Me

The first thing I ever wrote was a play for the neighborhood kids back in seventh grade. We performed it for the parents and it was a smash hit!

My journey to being a published author began when I was in between jobs a few years ago and sat down to write. I'd thought about it for years and just decided to do it. It took me about 2 months to write Texas Lady. I sent it off to a couple of friends and asked for some feedback. All I got was, "you need to get this published!" So off it went. I got the standard rejections so I decided to self-publish it. I did the same thing with two other books before I broke down and sent one of them out to a publisher again. That was a couple of years ago and Siren snatched up Cowboy Love.

Since then I have published several pieces to date with Siren, one short sweet piece with The Wild Rose Press, one piece with Whiskey Creek Press and several now with Secret Cravings Publishing including the best selling series Montana Cowboys. Hot M/F and Menage stories you'll love!

I live in Middle Tennessee on my 6 acre farm with my husband, 4 horses, 3 dogs and 2 cats who are more spoiled than kids. When I die, I want to come back as a spoiled cat. Mine do nothing but lay around, sleep, eat and use the litter box.

I'm also a registered nurse by education and usually work the emergency room, medical/surgical floor or cardiac floor and you'll find lots of medical information within my storylines.

I hope you enjoy my books and please, feel free to email me any comments.

~ Sandy

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