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Reviews ~ Cowboy Love

Talking Two Lips Reviews ~ 5 Kisses
Talking Two Lips Reviews says ~ 5 KISSES: "Cowboy Love captivated my attention at the very beginning and the complexity of the story drew me in further. Layer by layer, I enjoyed watching the discovery of strong love unfold...Tanner proved he’s a hero to the end and a man that stays by his woman. I would strongly recommend this read." -- Sin, Two Lips Reviews

Veiled Secrets Reviews ~ 4 Dragons
4 DRAGONS: "Cowboy Love is a passionate, fast paced erotic romance that will sweep you away with its great characters and sizzling sex scenes. This story grabbed my attention getting me very involved from the first page. I was blushing bright red by the time I finished the book. Amy, who is strong and independent, yet soft and loving is a woman every woman would wish to be. Tanner is every woman's dream of a perfect cowboy. He not only works hard with the horses helping his family at the ranch, he puts all of himself into his singing and their relationship. When he goes after Amy to make her his he shows his softer side and scorches the pages with kisses and touches that melted me in my seat. The sex is just off the chart hot and seems never ending in this wonderful story. The way they made love was so intense and anywhere they could manage to get together. They even had a few interesting places to try out the amazing sex that just singes the pages as you read about Amy and Tanner making love. Cowboy Love is a very upbeat, sexy story that I highly recommend to anyone who wants an adventure. It makes you smile and dream of your own cowboy to love." -- Judy King, Veiled Secrets Reviews

Ezine Articles ~ 4 Stars
4 STARS: "Sullivan pens a suspense filled contemporary western romance with "Cowboy Love." The plot is relatively fast paced, with plenty of love making scenes...Sullivan paints a good picture of her setting with a nice economy of words, which allows the reader to visualize Amy and Tanner's world. The story has a nice modern, western feel to it, as it's set in Texas and Amy lives in Dallas. The suspense is good, leaving the reader worried for Amy and Tanner after they come together as a couple...Sullivan has an easy writing style, which makes "Cowboy Love" an engaging read. "Cowboy Love" is a thrill for those who enjoy riveting love making scenes." -- StephB, EZine Articles

Dark Diva Reviews ~ 4 Delightful Divas
4 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: "Cowboy Love opened with a hot lead when Amy and Tanner met. I have to say, I found that if I did not stay with this book and all the twists it holds, I was rereading to find what I missed. This is what made this book truly a great read. Ms. Sullivan brought these characters to life with pizazz. Tanner's and Amy's relationship adds a spark to this book as much as the backdrop and intrigue does. You will be shocked, I know I was. Amy is a bold take-no-crap kind of gal. Her past was not so steady when it comes to men. I really like how Amy is bold yet soft. Her character is quite believable. Tanner is a true cowboy from the tip of his cowboy hat to the soles of his cowboy boots. I often wondered throughout the book if his cowboy charms were enough to hold Amy to him or drive her away. The secondary characters were just as amazing, even the villains held my attention. I would love to see Daniel and Chris get their story. The chemistry between them is red hot. Cowboy Love is a phenomenal must read! It has everything a reader could want. Sandy Sullivan is top notch to this reviewer, who cannot wait to read another one of her books." -- Deb, Dark Diva Reviews

Whipped Cream Reviews ~ 4 Cherries
4 CHERRIES: "I liked the fact that Ms. Sullivan drew the characters in such a way that they were multi dimensional and had numerous layers to them – it certainly helped make the story more interesting and the plot lines kept it interesting until the very end... The sex was hot, there was plenty of it and Tanner was definitely no slouch in the bedroom! I read this book so quickly that it surprised me – I didn’t want to stop until I was able to find out how things ended and boy Ms. Sullivan did keep it interesting right until the very end. A great read!" -- Statice, Whipped Cream Reviews

Reviews ~ Wild Wyoming Nights

Dirty Girl Reviews ~ 5 Stars
Dirty Girl Reviews says ~ At times WILD WYOMING NIGHTS was heart wrenching, and at other times it was sweet and sexy going down like a smooth hot chocolate--perfect for warming up a cold winter's night. The end delivered where it promised a deeply satisfying happily ever after. Overall, Ms. Sullivan penned a very enjoyable read.

Mind Fog Reviews ~ 5 Bookmarks
Mind Fog Reviews says ~ "Straight out of the shoot I was emotionally involved with Abby and felt like I was sitting right beside her the whole way. The chemistry with Chase was intense and immediate. He was the ideal hero in every sense of the word. The story itself was raw and powerful and I found myself alternately blushing and smiling. I did have to wipe the steam off my monitor a few times, a few scenes were just that hot. The setting was perfect and the story was emotional without being depressing. Sandy Sullivan has outdone herself with this novel. It was well written and extremely fun to read and I’d pick up another one of these without hesitation. By far the best book I’ve read recently, and when you read as much as I do, that’s really saying something." -- Sherry Ficklin, Mind Fog Reviews

Happily Ever After Reviews ~ 5 Tea Cups
Happily Ever After Reviews says ~ Oh my God, Sandy Sullivan has an awesome hit with this series. The first in the series and already I’m hooked with her Wilder Series. Instantly, I fell in love with Abby and Chase. Abby is definitely still locked in the past, and in love with her dead husband. As a hero, he was her everything, but now Chase confuses her. I loved that, with Chase, she feels alive, and for the first time really loved. There’s more in this series, with a great Wilder family. Watch out for this author who knows passion in every way. Loved it. --Lena, Happily Ever After Reviews

Romance Alley ~ 4.5 Hearts
Romance Alley says ~ "The author entwined twists in this story that made it an enjoyable read and it took me to another world of pleasure, frustration, then the happy ever after end. I enjoyed Wild Wyoming Nights so much that I'm sure you will enjoy the story as well." -- Angel Wings, Romance Alley

Talking Two Lips Reviews ~ 4.5 Kisses
Talking Two Lips says ~ 4.5 KISSES: "I found myself rooting for Abby, desperately hoping that she would get another chance at love--a long happy love, that she so deserves. Chase has to be one of the most stubborn heroes ever. I just wanted to bat him upside the head and tell him, "go get that girl". The push and pull of their relationship, and the slight paranormal element added to Wild Wyoming Nights, leaves you clinging to your seat fretting with worry for the two. I highly recommend having a box of tissue nearby when reading this. The ending just brought me to tears. We also are introduced to Chase’s brother Cole who I have been told will be getting his own story. Well I certainly hope so because after Wild Wyoming Nights I want to be first on the list for Ms. Sullivan's next release." -- Lila, TwoLips Reviews

Siren Book Reviews - ~4.5 Siren Stones
Get your tissues, and hold on for the ride of a life-time. This is a page-turner that simply cannot be put down until the end! Ms. Sullivan keeps the reader in tears on an emotional roller-coaster of heartache and laugher. This is necessary read book, if you enjoy stories about hot, sexy, brooding cowboys. The book falls short of five stones, only because I did not like how the ghost of the deceased wife was sent away. The spirit is banished in a manner that was cold and cruel, instead of trying to show some of the love that had been shared between the two spouses. Ms. Sullivan has a great start to the Wild Series, and I can’t wait to read the next instalments! ~ Kayden McLeod

Reviews ~ Wild Rodeo Nights

Siren Book Reviews ~ 5 Siren StonesThe Wilder brothers have returned! For those who never cry when reading a romance story, this one might be the one to open up those tear ducts. The second instalment of in the Wild Series by Sandy Sullivan is intense. The reader will not want to put the book down until they have reached the back cover. The lead characters seem to face difficulties from their first meeting, which is case of mistaken identity. Ms. Sullivan does a superb job with carrying the momentum, characters, intensity of brooding cowboys and love of family from the first book, Wild Wyoming Nights, into this book. If you enjoyed this first book, then this is a must read! ~ Kayden McLeod

Happily Ever After Reviews ~ 5 Teacups
Oh my God, I thought the first book in the Wilder series was great, but this one…wow. I don’t know how Sandy did it, but she made these Wilder men hotter than ever. Cole is definitely the typical bachelor always out for a good lay. Carrie is one woman he can’t let go. I loved that instantly these two were hot for each other, and can tell the love they feel for each other right away. Not only were they passionate together, but man, Sandy sure revved up the heat in this book. Can’t wait for more of this series, for Sandy did an awesome job. ~ Lena Happily Ever After Reviews

The Romance Studio ~ 4 Hearts
Carrie's life changed with the death of her parents, she gave up everything and left college to take care of her pregnant little sister, the ranch and the family store. When Cole came to town for the rodeo and entered her life, and the attraction between them pulled them closer, she thought she could use a weekend affair. However, there was still another unexpected event that tore at Carrie's heart. Her sister's death during childbirth left her with a nephew and new responsibilities.She tried to keep from thinking of Cole and thought best to send him out of her life before he walked out. She thought the pain wouldn't be as bad. He wanted to make her understand things would be alright. However, he was called home because of a family illness. Carrie received an unexpected call, one that opened her heart. She knew he would be out of her life yet she didn't want Cole dead. She realized she'd lost too many people and couldn't take another loss.

Sandy Sullivan has a way of getting our attention right from the first word. She also put loads of pressure points through the novel, to the point where you wonder how Carrie could possibly get through all those down moments. I found there were many push and pull circumstances. I was pleased at how the family was brought together in a time of trouble.

Carrie sounds like a very independent and rather sassy young lady who doesn't mesh her words. Cole is a multi talented YA. However, I found he gave up easily I am unsure if he is selfish or just plain into self-pity at times. At least he came out of his shell when he wanted something. Cole and Carrie's characters demonstrate a sensual aura throughout the book as well as being explicit. -- Dyanne

Reviews ~ Wild Nevada Ride

Happily Every After Reviews ~ 5 Teacups
Book three sure lives up to its title by Sandy Sullivan, and once again I’m awestruck. It’s mostly for Sandy for keeping the story line of the Wilders, and these delicious cowboy men sound unbelievably awesome. Kat is definitely an independent, strong and beautiful woman, yet not your frilly kind of woman. She is a fighter pilot and somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, whom I loved, for she is so opposite of the women Justin has had. Sandy, once again you have created another awesome book and I can’t wait for Jaime, the Wilder sister, in this series ~ Lena Happily Ever After Reviews

Talking Two Lips Reviews ~ 5 Kisses
Sandy Sullivan's latest Wilder Series installment, Wild Nevada Ride, is by far the best of this series. I absolutely could not shut my computer down to go to bed until I had gotten to the end of the novel. Ms. Sullivan has put all my favorite qualities in this novel. A strong heroine who doesn’t let anybody take her for a fool, nor walk all over her, one who can stand on her own two feet. Halleluja! A hero who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it when he has to. The chemistry between Kat and Justin was a blazing inferno from the moment she collided with his pickup. I really loved everything about this novel. The suspense at the end had me on the edge of my chair, biting my nails even further down than they already were. Wonderful job, Ms. Sullivan!" -- Lila, TwoLips Reviews

Manic Readers ~ 4.5 Stars
"Kat and Justin really heated up things in the bedroom. An extra added bonus was Kat being a jet pilot. Come take a Wild Nevada Ride and see for yourself just how good this book is." -- Cheryl, Manic Readers

Reviews ~ Wild Rekindled Love

Whipped Cream Reviews ~ 5 Cherries
This story evoked feelings from me that a story has not done in a long time. There are moments in this story when I could  feel my eyes begin to burn from unshed tears while other times I could not help but smile brightly. This story certainly had all  of the key elements to make it a great and memorable contribution to Wilder Series. ~ Peppermint Whipped Cream Reviews

Happily Ever After Reviews ~ 5 Teacups
It’s so sad to see a series end, but this one was bittersweet by Sandy Sullivan. Through all the Wilder books, we saw a little of Jamie Wilder, and now her story is revealed. It broke my heart to see such a young girl sacrifice her own love for a man who has so much potential like Wyatt. These two were so in love, yet Jamie was courageous through everything. Little Samantha was a cute little nine year old doing what every little child with one parent does-matchmaking. You can tell right off that Jamie and Wyatt are still desperately in love. I loved seeing all her brothers gang up on Wyatt…poor guy. Sandy did a beautiful job in ending this series, but I hope there might be more of this series or her gorgeous cowboys. Awesome job once again, Sandy. ~ Lena Happily Ever After Reviews

Reviews ~ Love's Sweet Surrender

Coffee Time Romance & More ~ 4 Cups
Love’s Sweet Surrender is a pleasant read. I thought some of the town people were like a great little community that would reach out to each other. The emotions in Seth really boil up and emit strongly. All of Lily’s and Seth’s expressions run deep and their determinations even stronger in a beautiful story that touched this reader. I found the characters likeable. Sandy Sullivan indeed pens a story that moves at a good  pace and captures the pure essence of true romance. ~ Cherokee Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More 

Reviews ~ Strictly Professional

Dark Diva Reviews ~ 5 DELIGHTFUL DIVAS: 
"As with other Sandy Sullivan titles I've read, Strictly Professional  is a fantastic read. It's a sensual, romantic story with multiple misunderstandings that leave you just itching to help them  resolve things and declare their love. Brandon and Savannah try not to get involved because they work together, but they can't help but give in to temptation. I love it when the author makes us feel it…that they really can't resist one another. The story is well written and Sandy added just the right amount of sizzle to their romantic encounters. You'd better keep a cold drink on hand to read this one! Strictly Professional should be on everyone's Must Read list and I've already recommended it to my friends and family. I love a great cowboy romance and this one fits the bill!" -- Shelly, Dark Diva Reviews

Happily Ever After Reviews ~ 5 TEACUPS: 
"Sandy Sullivan did an awesome job with these two and Strictly  Professional is the first in an already great series. I loved it from the beginning to the end for Sandy kept it fast paced with not  one dull moment with these two. Great thing about Strictly Professional is you get to know a little more about her sisters and  her parents. Can’t wait for more!" -- Lena, Happily Ever After Reviews

Reviews ~ Advertising For Love

Joyfully Reviewed says ~ Cassie Meyer made the choice to put her career and success before having a  personal life. But at lunch each day, sitting across from a flower shop, she finds herself admiring a  gorgeous man who almost daily buys flowers for someone. Jeremy Spencer has noticed her as well. They  come face to face for the first time in a boardroom where Cassie has unknowingly worked up a presentation for his business. An invitation, a little persuasion by her brother, and she’s out the door with man of her dreams for dinner and a meeting. But can she make the business work and still see Jeremy? She’s just not sure of that.

Advertising For Love is a fun read. It has edge while Cassie works through her feelings for Jeremy and suspense when Cassie is caught up in a tangle of lies spun by her brother, who is her partner in business. Jeremy is as sweet as they come and sexy as hell. But he’s dealt with gold diggers before and he hopes his gut feelings about Cassie are on target, as he believes she’s his “one”. Advertising For Love is a wonderful story I think anyone romantic at heart would enjoy. I know I did. --Raine

Reviews ~ Texas Lady

Coffee Time Reviews says ~ Elizabeth fell in love with Jeff when she was just a young girl. Although he was  a bit older, that did not matter, but he only thought of her as a sister. Unfortunately, she was sent away to  boarding school to learn to be a lady rather than a tomboy. Growing up, Jeff treated Elizabeth as a younger sister. But she is now grown up and sporting some womanly curves that do unspeakable things to Jeff’s libido. Not to mention the jealousy he feels when she brings an easterner named Gregory Webster home with her. Jeff and Elizabeth clash at every turn, butting heads over everything; yet they both feel a fire building within them as well. Rustlers are invading many farms in the area and hurting them. Elizabeth thinks that marriage to Gregory might save them, but is it a huge mistake if her heart belongs to Jeff? This is a sweet and tender story that has a lot of exciting elements to keep the reader turning the pages.  About halfway through, when a tragedy occurs, I broke out in tears thinking of my own father who died a few years back. But I soon rallied back to smiles when the storyline again changed. A read by Sandy Sullivan  comes highly recommended from this reviewer.
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Review ~ Professional Liaison

5 KISSES: "Professional Liaison by Sandy Sullivan will melt your heart. It has heat, excitement and a little twist to keep you reading. I loved the depth of characters that Ms. Sullivan brings to her books. Not only is there hot sex but a rare depth too. Melissa is a CEO first and a woman second, that is, until she has a hot night with a sexy cowboy. Then she revives the woman inside her at a price. Will that price be too high? Drew wants Melissa. From the first meeting he wishes he was what she wanted and not there with unscrupulous motives. Can he untangle himself and still keep Melissa? Watching Drew and Melissa fall in love was an experience I was glad to have. When you want hot sex and a deeply emotional story, you want 
Professional Liaison." -- Tina, TwoLips Reviews

Review ~ Unexpected Lovers

5 TEA CUPS: "Sandy has done it again—another wonderful story with sexy men and a woman with a strong  will to survive. The setting is set in the lovely Grand Canyon, Arizona with beautiful rock formations and gorgeous sunsets. Whitney thought she had it all until her husband made her realize that life wasn't what she thought it was. Marriages had problems but the problems didn't usually turn to murder. Whitney found out that her husband Eric wasn't who she thought he was. Thankfully his plans for her death fell through. Ryan O’Rourke was a paramedic and he was a gorgeous one at that. At first sight he knew that Whitney was the one. Not willing to let her go to the hospital by herself, he flew with her, wanting to protect her. Arriving at the hospital, his cousin had the same reaction to the woman as him. Dr. Brett Novak was a professional doctor, but with Whitney he becomes unprofessional. He never got involved with his patients but Whitney was different. It was impossible to fight the urge to protect her. Together, the three formed a union that to most people would seem improper or impossible. Whitney had to take a step in faith but with yan and Brett it was easy. She found what had been missing in her marriage all along: love, easy companionship, commitment and HOT SEX! Their love held them together through all the danger, corruption, and betrayal still facing Whitney. If you are looking for a book that has you believing in the miracle of love then you must read this. Two men protecting their woman through a mutual love and understanding that isn't found everyday. All I have to say is Sandy kept me reading each word with the anticipation and awe. Great book!" -- Wendy, Happily Ever After Reviews

Review ~ Hot Summer Love (Cowboy Style 1)

Rating: 4.5 Cherries
“Want to fall in lust with a sexy cowboy? This is the book for you. Sandy Sullivan writes some of the sexiest cowboys I have every read. I fell in lust with Caleb at the very beginning and fell in love with him later in the book. He is what every cowboy should be, in my opinion. I mean, who doesn’t love a cowboy who is both physically and emotionally stimulating? It was so easy to fall in love with all the characters right from the get go. I would definitely recommend this book.” ~ Sweet Pea, Long and Short Reviews

Review ~ Love Me Once, Love Me Twice(Montana Cowboys 1)

MR Review Rating: 4.5 Stars

Reviewer: Patrizia Murray

Review: Natalie Bennington has come home to Montana to care for her ailing grandmother. When she lived  here, she was the nerdy girl who played flute in the school band, ignored by Cade and Kale, two football heroes who were so handsome they had their pick of all the girls in school. Now Nat has grown up and she meets the two men who both fall hard for her. When they admit that they have a fantasy of both of them making love to her at the same time, she is scared, curious, overwhelmed and above all, incredibly turned on.She dates both of them, in between the health problems of her grandmother and the interference of her mother, but can't decide if she likes one or the other better, or if she is wanton enough to take them up on the offer of a ménage a trois. The decision is taken from her as the two hot men, with the encouragement of her grandmother, kidnap Nat and proceed to teach her how to please two men at the same time.But will she be able to separate the men? Does she want to continue to see both, together or one at a time? Does either or both of them love her, or is it just the thrill of the ménage? And what can a future bring in a small town where she is with two men?I liked these three people. I come from a western cowboy background and found the personalities to be quite familiar as a type. However, most men, when they think of a ménage a trois, think of one man with two women. Many men can't imagine themselves sharing a woman, and baring their prowess to another man in the same bed. Cade and Kale obviously care a great deal for each other and have no such inhibitions. This is certainly to Natalie's favor, as she reaps the benefits from their easiness with each other. But the mores of society and the natural inclination of women to find one mate and be emotionally involved with him are strong in Nat and we know that ultimately she will only choose one. Love Me Once, Love Me Twice is well written, although I kind of wished that it hadn't ended quite so quickly. Would have liked another threesome scene to help Nat make up her mind... I even found myself hoping they would find a way to live together as a threesome. I'm not sure of the motivation behind putting Cade's dad and Nat's mom into the mix, since those two didn't meet at all in this book. Maybe a sequel for the parents?

Montana Cowboys 1
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Review Date: Jan 26, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-936653-00-3
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
eBook: $5.99
Published: Out Now
Author: Sandy Sullivan
Genre: Erotic Romance, Western, Ménage
Reviewed by: Tigger9

Love Me Once, Love Me Twice was a great read. I really enjoyed it. I fell in love with the characters. Cade and Nat are wonderful together. Nat is not strong in her confidence of herself. She has not had great relationships and does not understand why two really hot men are paying attention to her when they never did in high school. She does not understand how they know her name really either. She is confused by the attention of both Cade and Kale, especially by her attraction to both of them. She dates both of them, with the push and help of her grandmother, as she tries to sort out what is going on. She really likes Cade and things just seem to flow and happen with him, until he screws up and has to fix it. Gram helps her to take a stand with the men and to have fun. She is an absolute laugh almost the entire time. I had a hard time choosing who I wanted Nat to end up with, she likes them both and is trying to sort out which one she likes more, if she wants to make a long term relationship try with one. She is putting her heart out there even when she didn't want to at first. On top of trying to deal with both men her Gram has a minor stroke and her mother flies out. Grandmother, mom, and daughter all seem to grow closer and fix a few mends in the relationship between mother and daughter. Gram and mom like to argue and fight, with Gram always shooting straight from the hip. I can't wait for this series to continue so that I can read the one she didn't choose story (I don't want to spoil it for anyone). I was drawn in from the very beginning to the very end. I did not want it to end and now that it has I can't wait for the next one. I'm hoping that there might be something in the cards for the mother too. Definitely a recommended read.






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